Ash Tyler


Ash Tyler is the lead drummer of American rock band Iron Weasel. He is not very bright. In Got No Class, Ash quit the band as he had enough of the band heckling him and not showing their appreciation for him. He had a fish, named Sushi, who died in Cat-Astrophe after he jumped out of the bowl. He had another fish, Sushi II, who died in the same episode as the electric current which shorted out Burger's Bass hit the fish. He is shown to have a fear of clowns, but he got over it in the episode Spiders, Snakes, and Clowns. In What Happened, it is shown that Ash's great-great grandfather wore a pickle costume at the battle of Gettysburg. In Prank Week, it is shown that at times Ash is gullible, and at times he is not, for example, when Derek told him that it would be easier to get to the bed by crawling over hot coals, he decided to sleep in the van rather than to give in. In Money Bags, it is revealed Ash does not know what a metaphor is, and got sick of people using metaphors and not saying what they really mean. In Road Tripp, it is shown Ash loves listening to the radio show 'Doc Rock: The Shock Jock' and even says Doc's catchphrase "Shock your face off!" quite frequently. In the same episode, it is shown Ash can do a decent British accent.