Burger Pitt is the Bassist of American rock band Iron Weasel. He is the ever cheerful and rambunctious member of the band. He is slightly dim and loves food. He has a crush on Tripp's mom, as revealed by Ash and Derek in Magic Tripp, and briefly by Derek in Geezers Rock. He has a very electrified personality as a rock star, and is shown to have a lot of joy in physical acts, such as smashing his own Bass or running headfirst into a wall. He had Arachnophobia , but got over it in Spiders, Snakes and Clowns. In What Happened, Burger was left unconcious on the way to their concert after he continuously knocked himself out with a vase stuck in his hand.


  • He uses a curling iron on his hair, and to make curly fries.
  • Has a trash can in which he keeps his midnight snack.
  • Had Arachnophobia, but overcame it in Spiders, Snakes, and Clowns.
  • Has a crush of Tripp's mom
  • Only member In Iron Weasel that has blonde hair


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