Tripp Ryan Campbell
Tripp Campbell

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Tripp Ryan Campbell (born 1 March 1994) is the lead guitarist of American rock band Iron Weasel. Tripp became the guitarist of the band after winning a radio contest for Iron Weasel to have dinner with a fan.

After he gets to jam with them in the garage, he tries to get them to let him play on stage with them so they will agree to let him join the band, but they scoff the idea, as they fear they may lose their hard, edgy appeal.

After Tripp finds out how broke the band is and that they have to live in their van, Tripp allows them to stay in his guest room if they let him play with them at their next gig. Tripp is unable to book a gig for the band, so he decides to hijack the school assembly and turn it into an Iron Weasel concert. After the band finds out that Tripp lied to them about it being a gig, they eventually let him join the band, understandig his motives. Tripp has high hopes for the band and is trying to get them back in the spotlight.

Tripp is the most mature member of Iron Weasel. He is also allergic to nuts. He is similar to Kendall from Big Time Rush. A running gag is that whenever he needs to get the band's attention, he says "Guys", and they reply together with "What?".