In this episode, Iron Weasel's producer is having a party at his house, inviting Iron Weasel... and arch nemesis, Metel Wolf to perform at the party. Derek decides to hpnotize Metel Wolf so they would look like blubbering idiots. When it back-fired, Metel Wolf hpnotized Iron Weasel instead... accidently hpnotizing Izzy as well. That night at the party, they make absolute fools out of themselves, causing them to lose the privilege of performing . When all hope seemed lost, Izzy over heard Metel Wolf talking about how they hpnotized them. When Iron Weasel is informed, Derek hpnotizes everyone at the party, so that when Metel Wolf performed, they would look like bunnies singing the saddest song they'ld ever heard. Once Metel Wolf was booted off the stage, Iron Weasel took over. Once again, they beat Metel Wolf.